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We first learn about your situation and make sure a reverse mortgage is the right move for you. If so, we work with all lenders to get you the best possible solution ~ tailored to your needs.

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We get your rates from every lender so you can find the best reverse mortgage option for your situation.

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Our services are completely free for you, we earn commission from the banks. All consultations and advice is free of charge with no obligations.

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Specializing in reverse mortgages, we make sure you understand all the details ~ and we're always around to answer your questions.

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We will never try to push or persuade you into a deal. If we think a reverse mortgage isn't for you, or there is a better option, we will always tell you.

Benefits & How Reverse Mortgages Work

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A Reverse Mortgage secures the equity in your home and pays you.

Keep Full Ownership

You will not be asked to move from or sell your home to repay your reverse mortgage. The only requirements are to maintain your property taxes, property, insurance, and maintenance fees while you live there.

No Payments Required

No "traditional" mortgage payments are needed while you or your spouse are living in your home. The full amount only becomes due when you and your spouse no longer live in the home.

Tax Free

Funds from a reverse mortgage are not added to your taxable income. It does not affect Guaranteed Income Supplement, Old Age Security (OAS), or other government benefits you may receive.

Guaranteed Equity

In rare situations where the home sale value falls short of the repayable amount, a negative equity guarantee covers you. The amount paid on the due date will never exceed the fair market value of the home.

Use the Money as you Please

Enjoy your retirement, help your family, update your home, or cover unexpected expenses or debt. You are free to use the funds however you like without depleting your savings.

Live a Better Retirement

Thousands of Canadians are living a better retirement how they picture thanks to reverse mortgages. Live stress free and live the retirement of your dreams. Get in touch today to speak to your expert.

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